11 months later . . . still a work in progress

it's been a long time since i tried to fix the blog, and i'm about to make a new attempt to fix the formatting problems and possibly overhauling the whole site. a project for the new year. a lot has happened. the sox won, jess and i moved, and . . . ummmmm . . . i guess other stuff too.

check back soon for updates. until then, click here to return to the front page.



exciting and eventful weekend

blog formatting still screwed up, i think it's sapping my energy to post. must get around to fixing that. in the meantime, what an exciting weekend.

friday night we had an oakland happy hour at the pacific coast brewery, followed by gandhi at home. who knew daniel day lewis was in it?

saturday, beyond the goddamn baseball news, jess and i had brunch out front of our house, made heart-shaped cookies, had a lovely dinner with calla and jane at emmy's spaghetti shack, and a lovely cocktail party at marhsall and shanti's.

sunday was largely spent lazing around, although we did do a ton of laundry and some gardening. sunday night we went to see my new favorite band bishop allen at the makeout room. we saw them last weekend at the edinburgh castle too. check them out live. they are worth it.

monday was another eventful day, as calla and jane got married [photos soon]. my opinions of gavin newsom have changed quite a bit in the last week since he decided to take this stand. i used to think he was relatively unprincipled, but this article changed my mind somewhat. i used to be pretty anti-newsom, and, while i still think this is a politically motivated move, i also think his actions speak louder on a national scale than the same move by matt gonzalez would have. it's harder to dismiss him as some san francisco liberal freakshow when he has had ties to the republican party in the past. this issue probably deserves a post in its own right, and maybe it'll get one in the next few days. for now, though, i am just so happy for calla and jane, and wish them the happiest of times together.




the "patsies" won again tonight. i have felt weird all week rooting for a favorite in an event like the super bowl, and still feel weird to be a fan of the latest nfl dynasty. maybe i should get over my inferiority complex.

lots of news since the last post. in roughly chronological order:

- my mother came to town for a conference/visit. she was lots of fun, even with a slightly strained back. we had a cousin's high tea at lovejoy's.
- jess's father came to town for a visit over mlk day weekend. he was his usual enjoyable self. he made a great guacamole for the howard dean fundraiser jess helped organize.
- at said fundraiser, i ran into an old camp friend of mine, camillo ortiz. we went to camp thoreau-in-vermont together way back in the day. we recognized each other over the chips and veggie platter. funny seeing someone after 10 years and being able to place them right off the bat.
- jess and i are participating in an "art project" through the bureau of urban secrets. some weird artist/planner collaboration project. we'll see where it all leads.

finally, pitchers and catchers report in something like 10 days. sweetest 4 words in the english language.



birthdays, birthdays, all month long.

jess and i are having a birthday party. if you are around, come check it out. in other news, still haven't fixed the blog and the formatting problems. some day soon, hopefully. i don't know when, though, because jess' father is coming into town tomorrow for the weekend, and my mother will be in town the next week and weekend.



today i am 26

it's my birthday. i am 26. nothing feels different yet.

jess and i are back in san francisco, although i will abscond back to new york this weekend for my grandmother's birthday (and, i guess, my own).

not a lot has changed since we returned from new york. jess and i have been feverishly organizing our apartment, and it is starting to feel bigger. we have thrown away, given away, or sold off a lot of crap including:

— 6 shopping bags to the salvation army
— 5 bags full of trash
— 2 nearly full recycling containers
— $46.50 in trade at dog eared books
— my old cd/radio/tape deck (although the tape decks haven't worked for 5 years) that i bought in 10th grade
— i washed most things in my closet too.

we have already started to fill the apartment back up with stuff, too. we got ourselves a joint birthday present of a vcr/dvd combo and a phone/answering machine combo.

playing house is fun, and our apartment feels much bigger now.



christmas morning

today is christmas, and i am playing with my loot: wearing a hat from matt and caroline (jess's brother and sister and law), playing with simcity 4 on my new powerbook from my parents (we'll dip into the calvados from my grandmother later).

jess and i are in new york, enjoying the balmy weather, hanging out with family. friends start tomorrow, and we've got a lot of activities lined up already.

we're going out for a walk now. should be fun.




google has launched its new shopping site:froogle. who knew there were $195 highlighters (more with added features such as engraving)?

i guess i probably knew people would pay that much for what they could by for $.024 but it's still kind of mind-blowing.


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