These are my friends with websites of their own:

Jeremy Hays and, by proxy, Hope Whitney — They are just returning from a lovely honeymoon, so they should be posting some good stuff soon.
Tim Hirzel — my friend from high school has a site. He just took his boat down to Savannah for the winter. He wrote a great travel journal about the trip.
Javier Arbona and I went to college and Rome together.
As did Andrea Gaffney and I. She's looking for a job, if anyone knows of one. I think she'll travel to get one.
Gemma is my cousin. She is nice. She has curly hair, just like I do.
Forest opts for the minimalist aesthetic.

I used to work with Matthew Baker.

I'll have to get more of my friends to have websites. Or I'll have to get new friends who already have websites.



Jess and my digital camera produces cds that don't work in macs, so it is a pain in the ass to transfer images. I'll try to figure out a way around that so it's easier to add photos of my friends doing silly things. Until then, sit tight and keep quiet.


Last Updated: 01-Mar-2003