The Red Sox I'm from Boston, and there's really no other alternative but to become a lifelong Red Sox fan, and hate everything the Yankees do. The best for all types of news and notes. I particularly enjoy the columns of Rob Neyer and Peter Gammons
Baseball Prospectus A little dorky, but lots of good information for people into the statistical side of baseball
Lazio I lived in Rome for a year during college and fell in love with Italian soccer. I learned Italian by reading the sports section in the newspaper and I still waste more time reading about "calcio" on the internet than I do wasting time on any other activity.
KwCalcio Italian news site about soccer. In Italian, so may not be the best for most American soccer fans.
Guardian Football
From the Guardian Unlimited website. Typical British humor, this time directed at football (and sometimes Americans).
Fun Stuff
Get Fuzzy
If this isn't the cutest comic around, I don't know what is.
Strong Bad and his email
This is my kind of humor. Especially the "Kid's Book" one. And "Japanese Cartoon". And "Dragon". And . . . And. . .